File Use the File menu to control Word files. Start, save, close, and print documents, edit document properties, and exit the Word program. The File menu's most fre- quently used commands are included as the first six commands on the Standard toolbar. These six commands also contain some anomalies. Normally, the menu command and the toolbar equivalent perform the same task in the same way. Not so with the New button and File New, and the Print button and its menu com- panion, File Print. In both cases, the menu command opens a dialog box for setting options and the button performs the command using default actions. Use the Shift Key for More File Menu Options If you press and hold the Shift key before opening the File menu, the Close command becomes Close All (meaning all open documents) and the Save command becomes Save All. Use these changes to close and/or save all open documents without re- peatedly opening the File menu. Word Overview Keyboard shortcuts Create a new document: Ctrl-N Open a document: Ctrl-O Save a document: Ctrl-S Save a document with a new name (Save As): F12 Print a document: Ctrl-P Close the active document: Ctrl-F4 Exit Word: Alt-F4 File task list Create a new document: File Open a document or search for a document: File Save a document: File Save as a document as a web page: File Save multiple versions of a document: File Preview a document before printing: File Preview and print a document: File Edit The Edit menu offers the ability to undo previous actions (and redo any undone actions), select the entire document, delete content, and search your document for a particular word, phrase, or code, such as a paragraph mark or a non-breaking space. Major Word Sections and Task Lists | 15