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Inserting Fields > The General Switches tab - Pg. 364

Access Word Help from the Field Dialog Box Normally, right-clicking on an element in a dialog box and choosing What's This pops up a ScreenTip with a brief descrip- tion of the element. In the Field dialog, though, choosing the What's This command for any field name launches Word Help and links you right to the help page for that field. Selecting any field automatically enters the field code into the Field codes text box. You can type directly into this text box to create the field, but as with typing field codes into a document using Ctrl-F9, you must know the exact syntax. The "Preserve formatting during updates" option adds a \* MERGEFORMAT switch to the field (although it is not shown in the Field codes text box like other switches are). This switch forces the field to keep any manual formatting applied directly to the field during the updating of a field. Normally, any formatting applied by the field instructions, such as upper or lower case, overrides manual formatting. This option prevents that. The Options button opens a separate dialog used to construct the switches, opera- tors, bookmarks, and other instructions for a field. This button is not available for all fields. For the fields where options are available, the Options dialog is constructed from a number of different tabs. The most common tabs are General Switches and Field-Specific Switches, though you will often see tabs named Options, Bookmarks, etc.