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Insert AutoText Figure 7-5. Using AutoText Beware copying another user's Normal template to replace your own. You risk losing your AutoText entries, as well as Auto- Correct entries you've made (see Chapter 9 for more informa- tion on AutoCorrect). Insert AutoText AutoText Insert AutoText AutoText displays the AutoText tab in the AutoCorrect dialog box (Figure 7-6), which shows a list and preview of all AutoText entries (those installed with Word and those created by the user). Insert AutoText entries into a document by clicking the Insert button or Delete them with the Delete button. Note that if the deleted entry is the only one in a given category, the category submenu is removed as well. Create a new AutoText entry based on selected text in your active document by typing the entry name (the text that will be used to trigger the entry) in the "Enter AutoText entries here" text box and clicking the Add button. Be sure to check the Preview box to verify that the content is accurate. The "Show AutoComplete tip" option causes Word to suggest AutoText entries in a ScreenTip as you type (Figure 7-7). Press Enter or Tab to accept the suggestion and enter the AutoText. Insert The AutoText toolbar also offers toolbar buttons for inserting AutoText from a list of stored entries and for creating an Auto- Text entry from selected text. Chapter 7:Insert | 171