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Semitransparent option (objects), 237 Send a Copy (File Send To command), 124 Send To command, 124 Send to Desktop (Shortcut), 14 Send To Exchange Folder command Microsoft Exchange Server, command for, 126 sending files for online meetings, 339 SEQ field, 179 Set as default for new tables option, 280 Set Bookmark fields (mail merges), 264 Settings option (grammar), 76 Setup option (mail merges), 266 Setup, launching after first installation, 14 setup.exe, 14 shading avoiding when copying or faxing documents, 215 creating, command for, 213 for field results, option for displaying, Show heading levels option (outlines), 153 Show hidden characters feature, disabling, 184 Show Next option (headers/footers), 158 Show number on first page option, 167 Show pixels for HTML features option, 66 Show Previous option (headers/footers), 158 Show readability statistics option, 76, 252 Show ScreenTips on toolbars option, 83 Show section (View tab), 58 Show tips about option, 312 Show/Hide button, 61 paragraph marks, 48 Show/Hide Discussion pane button (Web Discusssions), 343 Show/Hide Document Text option (headers/footers), 157 Show/Hide option, 47