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Help Microsoft Word Help > The Traditional Help Window - Pg. 312

Help Microsoft Word Help sistant is asking those questions instead of them appearing in a traditional dialog box. This option can be particularly dangerous, as many people tend to automati- cally answer No or Cancel when the assistant asks them a question. 6. Search for both product and programming help when programming . When using VBA to program Word, the help system can display help both on Word itself and on the VBA language. This option makes the wizard search help topics for both categories. 7. Move when in the way . When using the Office Assistant, make sure this option is turned on. It makes the assistant automatically jump out of the focus of your work (dialog boxes, selected words, etc.). 8. Guess Help topics . This option causes the assistant to display help topics based on the work you are doing when you first open the search box (see Figure 12-2). For example, suppose you are copying text between documents and then click the as- sistant to ask it a question. The assistant automatically displays help topics associ- ated with copying text between documents. 9. Make sounds . Just turn it off. 10. Show tips about . Word watches what you do. Each of the tip options causes the assistant to display advice about doing a job more effectively. For example, if the "Using the mouse more effectively" option is turned on, the assistant might notice that you usually select paragraphs by highlighting the paragraph yourself and sug- gest doing it more quickly by triple-clicking. When the assistant has a tip, a light