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Format Font > Character Spacing Tab - Pg. 206

Format Font Use Hidden Text Use the Format Font dialog to apply the " hidden" character format to text. By default, hidden text does not show up on screen or print. Display hidden text using Tools Options View Hidden Text and it shows up in the document dimmed and underlined with dashes. Make it print using Tools Op- tions Print Hidden Text. Hidden text can be a great way of creating a document for which you want to print two versions, one with certain text and one without. For example, a quiz might use hidden text formatting on the answers. Print out a copy without hidden text showing for students and one with the answers revealed for the teacher. 8. Preview. The Preview window shows the cumulative effect of all formatting specified on the Font tab. 9. Font description. Fonts come in two types, as far as Word is concerned: TrueType and Printer Scalable. TrueType fonts are used both onscreen and for printing. Scal- able fonts often do not match the font as shown onscreen. 10. Default. Apply the current format settings to the default font in whatever template is attached to the current document. The default button applies to settings made on