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File Send To Figure 4-21. Routing a document recipients to insert comments into the document (see Chapter 7 for more on this), but not make any actual changes. If the document you are routing contains fields, the "Protect for forms" option lets recipients enter information into the fields without changing any other part of the document. The final option is not to protect the document at all. Each of the Send To recipients must be using Word 97 or Word 2000 to use the routing slip feature. Any email client is suppor- ted. Any recipient can receive the document copy, however, and send it to the next recipient on the routing list by attaching it to an email message manually. This method does not preserve the routing slip functionality beyond this recipient. File Send To Exchange Folder Microsoft Exchange Server is a groupware messaging system that makes public documents available via public folders. The Send To Exchange Folder command sends the active docu- ment directly to an Exchange public folder. For this to work, of course, your network must be running Exchange server. File Send To Online Meeting Participants Sends a message directly to a participant in an online meeting using Microsoft NetMeeting or another online collaboration utility. The meeting must be in progress for this option to be 126 | Chapter 4:File