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File Properties > Custom Tab - Pg. 128

File Properties properties for a document (those on the other tabs described below) are only available from Windows if the document is not open in Word. If a document is open, only the General tab is displayed in Windows. Summary Tab This tab shows the basic attributes of the document itself, which can be used as criteria when searching for the file. Attributes include title, subject, author, manager, company, category, keywords, and comments. Any of these fields can be specified as search criteria when using File Open Tools Find, as described earlier in this chapter. A hyperlink base can also be defined on this tab, which is the URL that serves as a base for all hyperlinks created in the document. The hyperlink base can be an Internet address, a file loca- tion on a local system, or a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) address pointing to a location on a local network. When creating a document that will reference a number of documents in a folder named C:\My Documents\Brochures, enter that path as the hyperlink base. When creating a hyperlink in the document, you can simply enter the name of the file to link to, instead of entering the entire path each time. For more information on using hyperlinks in documents, see Chapter 7. The Summary tab also contains the option to save a preview picture with the document. This can be useful for three things. First, the picture shows up in the preview pane of the Open dialog if you are viewing files in preview mode. Second, the headings show up on the Contents tab of the Properties dialog box. Third, previews for templates show up in the New dialog box and in the Style Gallery. Keep in mind that saving the preview picture for a document does increase its file size a small amount. Statistics Tab Figure 4-22 shows the Statistics tab. The Statistics tab lets you view a number of very useful statistics for a document, including: · When the document was created, modified last, accessed last, and printed last · Who saved the document last · How many revisions have been made to the document (how many times it's been saved) · The total number of minutes that have been spent editing the document (it doesn't count times when a file is opened but not edited) characters · Common document statistics such as number of pages, paragraphs, lines, words, and Contents Tab This tab shows a quick preview of the contents of the document. By default, only the title of the document is shown here. When a preview picture is saved with the document using the Summary tab, as discussed earlier, the headings of the document are shown here as well. Custom Tab This tab provides the ability to add custom properties for the file. Either use the list of predefined variables or type your own variable name in the Name field. The most useful option is the ability to show a link to a named field in your document. 128 | Chapter 4:File