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File Print Figure 4-19. Checking the status of print jobs 10. Drawing objects . Prints drawing objects when printing a document. When this option is not selected, a blank box is printed to indicate the placement of the draw- ing. This option does not work with all printers. 11. Hidden text. Prints any hidden text, such as table of contents entries. For more on using hidden text, see Chapter 7. 12. Reverse print order . Prints the document from the last page to the first page. This is useful for older printers that may output pages face up. 13. Print PostScript over text . Prints any PostScript code in documents converted from Word for Macintosh on top of normal text instead of underneath. 14. Background printing . Using this option, it's possible to continue working while Word prints the document in the background. This option uses system memory and can cause Word to slow down while the document is printing. Of course, this may be better than not using Word at all while a document prints. File Controlling Printing in Windows With background printing turned on (see #14 in the previous list), the document enters the Windows print queue, where it awaits its turn at the printer. When the print queue is active, a printer icon appears in the system tray near the clock. Check on the status of a print job at any time by double-clicking the print queue icon. This opens a print queue window similar to the one shown in Figure 4-19. If no other documents are waiting in the print queue, a print job may enter and leave the queue too fast for the print queue icon to appear. The print queue can also be opened using Start Settings Printers Any Printer. If the queue is opened before printing, you might stand a chance of catching a fast-printing document in the queue. Print jobs are listed in the order they will print. For each job, the document name, current status, owner of the document, print progress, and time and date of the printing are displayed. Rear- range jobs in the queue simply by dragging them around. For each document, pause or cancel printing using the Document menu or by right-clicking the document. You can also pause or purge the entire print queue from the Printer menu on the print queue window. If working with a network printer shared by others, you can only manipulate your own documents using the Windows print queue. Chapter 4:File | 123