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File Print File Figure 4-17. Setting global printer properties Advanced Printing Options The Options button on the Print dialog brings up a separate dialog, shown in Figure 4-18. This dialog controls various advanced printing options that also affect all documents printed in Word. The dialog is identical to the Tools Options Print tab. The following list describes the advanced printing options: 1. Draft output . When this option is selected, Word does not print documents with formatting or graphics. This speeds up printing and uses less ink with ink jet printers. Only certain models of printers support draft mode printing. For those that do not, selecting this option has no effect. 2. Update fields . This option updates the contents of all fields in documents before printing. It is not set by default. This is something you might want to do if you have fields that often change, such as dates or information pulled from other programs. For more on using fields, see Chapter 6. 3. Update links . Updates contents of links (a linked Excel spreadsheet, for example) in documents before printing. For more on linking, see Chapter 6. 4. Allow A4/Letter paper resizing . Allows the resizing of documents formatted for the A4 paper size so they can print on Letter paper size. This setting affects printing only, not the document itself. Chapter 4:File | 121