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File Page Setup -- "This point forward" applies settings from the insertion point on. -- "Selected text" applies settings only to selected paragraphs and only shows up in the list when a selection is made in the document prior to opening File Page Setup. -- "This section" applies settings to the document section that contains the insertion point and only shows up in the list if your document contains more than one section. -- "Selected sections" applies settings to the section or sections with selected text. This only shows up in the list if your document contains more than one section and text is highlighted prior to opening File Page Setup. · The Default button applies the changes made in the Page Setup dialog to the docu- ment template. Those changes become the default page settings used when new documents are created from the template. See Chapter 2 for more information on using templates. Be careful when making any settings in Word the default set- tings, as they are usually applied to and really do become the settings used on all new documents created. File Margins Tab The Margins tab, shown in Figure 4-10, contains margin settings that apply to the part of the document selected in the "Apply to" list. The top, bottom, left, and right margins are exactly what you'd expect. You can also specify the space that should exist between the edge of the page and the top of the header or the bottom of the footer using the settings in the "From edge" section. Clicking the up or down arrow changes the margin value by tenth-of-an-inch incre- ments. Enter text directly into the box to specify increments in hundredths of inches (it's possible to enter as many digits as you like after the decimal, but Word will round off to the nearest hundredth). Use the "Mirror margins" checkbox to create facing-page layouts, where the left and right pages face one another. If the "Mirror margins" option is selected, the Margins tab changes to show the facing-page layout in the Preview section, as shown in Figure 4-11. Notice also that the left and right margin options change to inside and outside margins, and the "2 pages per sheet" option (which allows you to print 2 pages to a single sheet of paper) is unavailable when using mirrored margins. A gutter is extra space left at the edge of a page to compensate for the portion of the page covered by binding. You can add a gutter to single-page or facing-page layouts. With single-page layouts, gutters can be placed at either the left or top of pages. With facing-page layouts, gutters can only be placed on the inside (even though the left-side option is selected on the Margins tab). Figure 4-11 shows a 1 / 2 -inch gutter on the inside of facing pages. Paper Size Tab Use the Paper Size tab (Figure 4-12) to select the size of the paper to print to and the orientation of the text on the page. Chapter 4:File | 113