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File Page Setup Figure 4-10. Changing margins Choose from among predefined paper sizes using the "Paper size" drop-down list. Be aware that some predefined sizes may not print to your printer. You can also type in your own paper dimensions using the Width and Height fields. Use the Orientation section to select whether the document should be printed in normal portrait view, or horizontally on the page in landscape view. Paper Source Tab Choose a paper source for the first page of a document and a source for all other pages using the Paper Source tab (Figure 4-13). The selections available depend upon the printer Word is currently set to use. Using different paper sources might be useful, for instance, if you want to print the first page of a document on preprinted company letterhead and the rest of the pages on normal blank paper. Layout Tab Use the Layout tab, shown in Figure 4-14, to configure these page layout settings: 1. Section start. Once a section in a document is created (see Chapter 7), there are two ways to change it to another section type. You can simply delete the section (select it on the page and hit Delete) and create a new section in its place. You can also place the insertion point on the section line and double-click on the gray area on the ruler. Choose the new section type from the "Section start" list and select the range from the "Apply to" list. 2. Headers and footers. This setting provides you with two simple choices: whether separate headers and footers should be used for even- and odd-numbered pages 114 | Chapter 4:File