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Applying a style is as simple as placing the insertion point where the new style should start or selecting a range of characters or paragraphs to format and choosing the style from the drop-down Style list. Use Character Styles for Characters When applying styles to characters in a paragraph, be sure that the style is a character style -- otherwise, it will apply to the entire paragraph containing the formatted text. Here are some interesting points about applying styles: · Character styles override paragraph styles. Applying a paragraph style to an existing paragraph changes all of the paragraph formatting to that specified in the style. This includes line spacing, tabs, indents, etc. It also changes the format of all of the characters in the paragraph to match that specified in the style, except for characters that have formatting applied directly to them. For example, suppose you have a paragraph formatted in the Normal style and you add spe- cial formatting to one word in the paragraph (say italicize it and make the font red for emphasis) by either applying the changes directly or using a character style. If you then apply a new paragraph style that uses a different font, all the characters in the paragraph would change except for that word. · Paragraph style can be applied either by placing the insertion point within a paragraph and choosing the style or by selecting the paragraph and applying