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How Word Works Figure 2-19. Getting control over tab settings using paragraphs Suppose there are two consecutive paragraphs, each using a different format. If you merge the two paragraphs by placing the insertion point at the start of the second paragraph and hitting Backspace (or at the end of the first para- graph and hitting Delete), the second paragraph is brought up into the first paragraph and takes on the first paragraph's formatting. Intuitively, this is what you would expect to happen, since you are really moving the text from the second paragraph up into the first paragraph. However, given the way that Word uses paragraph marks, this doesn't quite make sense. It would seem that both paragraphs would take on the formatting of the second paragraph, since the paragraph mark for the first paragraph is being deleted and the new joined paragraph now ends with the paragraph mark that belonged to the second paragraph. And, logically, this would be right. In fact, this is how it worked in versions of Word before Word 97. Then Word's designers decided that, while it made sense if users understood and used paragraph marks, it didn't make sense if they didn't. So the designers built in code that actually applies the formatting stored in the first paragraph mark to the second paragraph mark. Tabs. As I mentioned earlier, the paragraph marker at the end of a paragraph holds any tab settings for that paragraph (Figure 2-19). To adjust tabs for a paragraph, the entire paragraph, including paragraph mark, must be selected first. Drag the tab stop on the ruler to adjust tabs for the selected paragraph. This section discusses tabs as they apply to paragraphs and paragraph marks. For a full discussion of using tabs, see Chapter 8. When changing tab settings for text in a document, be sure not to select the lines above or below the tabbed text. Since different tab settings can exist in paragraphs throughout a document, you risk selecting lines from two different sets of tab stops, making it difficult to make any adjustments. Figure 2-20 shows the ruler when para- The Word Document | 51