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Normal style and hit Enter, a new paragraph is created using the Normal style and whatever manual formatting was used in the previous paragraph. What really happens when you hit Enter at the end of a para- graph (the insertion point is directly in front of the paragraph mark for that paragraph) is a bit more complicated. Word looks up the style defined in the Format Style any style Modify "Style for following paragraph" option to determine what the style of the new paragraph will be. The default following style for the Normal style is Normal. If you are in the middle of a paragraph and hit Enter, both the old and new paragraph are formatted using the same style as the old paragraph, including any manual for- matting applied. Manipulating paragraphs. Entire paragraphs can be selected in a number of ways. When selecting a paragraph by clicking and dragging, often only the text of the paragraph is selected and not the paragraph mark. This is great for moving the text into another paragraph (whether by drag-and-drop or cutting and pasting) and hav- ing it take on the recipient paragraph's formatting. Also note that wherever the se- lected text is moved, it has to become part of an existing paragraph. It cannot become a paragraph on its own, because it does not include the paragraph mark. You can quickly make it its own paragraph using the Enter key, but this still don't bring any of the previous formatting along with it.