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For the most part, the paragraph mark is a character like any other character in Word. It has a font, a size, and a color. You can move it, copy it, and even delete most of them (the final paragraph mark in a document can never be removed). But the paragraph mark is also special. The paragraph mark: · Holds all the formatting information for that paragraph, including character formatting -- fonts, sizes, style, color, indents, outline level, bullets, and any tabs that were pressed in the paragraph as well as any tab settings put into effect within the scope of the paragraph. Unless overridden by applying manual character formatting (Format Font), every character in the paragraph takes on the formatting applied to the paragraph mark. While paragraph formatting is contained in the paragraph mark, you cannot adjust a paragraph's format by selecting the mark and applying new formats directly to it. This action just applies character formatting to the paragraph mark itself. How Word Works · Is the end of a paragraph. No text may be typed after the paragraph mark. Using the right arrow to move over it causes the insertion point to move to the be- ginning of the next paragraph. The End key jumps to the end of any line, but if that line contains a paragraph mark, it jumps to a position right in front of the mark. · Always ends a document. The final character in a document is always the para-