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Customizing the Word Interface > Creating and Modifying Toolbars - Pg. 83

Figure 3-21. Viewing a ScreenTip 4. Reset my usage data . This button deletes the adaptive menu history stored in Word. After resetting your data, Word relearns your style and adapts the menus again. This action only applies to Word. Resetting data in Word does not also reset data in other applications. 5. Large icons . This option displays large icons on Word's toolbars and even displays toolbars on two or more rows to fit all the buttons in. Though most users won't find much use for it, it is handy for those who can't see small objects so well or those who work on particularly large monitors in high resolution. 6. List font names in their font . This option displays fonts from the font list on the formatting toolbar in their actual typefaces. If you don't use that many fonts or find it a bit slow to generate the displays, turn this option off. 7. Show ScreenTips on toolbars . ScreenTips are those little pop-up balloons that appear when the pointer is held over an interface item (Figure 3-21). On tool- bars, ScreenTips show the names of the buttons. Turn this option off if this is annoying. If ScreenTips are turned on, they can also show keyboard shortcuts by turning on the "Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips" option. 8. Menu animations . By default, no menu animations are used in Word. Two animations are available, though. Slide displays the menu as if it were sliding down from its top edge. Unfold makes it look as though the menu were un- folding from its top left corner. A third choice, Random, chooses randomly between Slide and Unfold each time a menu opens. Customizing Word Creating and Modifying Toolbars Word's toolbars were designed with two purposes in mind: to provide access to common commands in a context-sensitive fashion and also to provide some mar- keting of features. For example, do you think the typical Word user really uses col- umns and Excel spreadsheets so much that they need buttons on the toolbar for faster access? However, the buttons do look neat and show off some of the things Word can do. Customizing the Word Interface | 83