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Figure 3-29. Separating commands into logical groups 8. Styles . Choose from several different ways to display a button: Default This option sets the command to its default display. Text Only (always) This option makes commands display only as text in both menus and tool- bars. Text Only (in Menus) displays menu commands as text only. This means the picture of the icon is not displayed in the menu, but remains unchanged on the toolbar. Image and Text This option displays both the text and the associated image for menu and toolbar commands. Menu commands with an associated image use this by default. 9. Begin a Group . When this option is activated for an item, a divider is inserted above the selected item, helping to group like commands (Figure 3-29). For top- level menus and toolbars, above means "to the left of." When moving an existing menu or toolbar into another, this also creates a group around the moved item. 10. Assign Hyperlink. This opens a separate dialog (Figure 3-30) for assigning a hyperlink to a command. This is the same hyperlink dialog opened by Insert Hyperlink. The "Link to" bar on the left presents several choices: Existing File or Web Page Use this option to enter the name of a file or Internet address in the form of a URL. Select from one of the lists displayed: Recent Files This is a list of recently accessed files stored by the operating system. Browsed Pages This is a list of recently accessed pages stored by Internet Explorer or a list of Inserted Links recently pasted or otherwise inserted into docu- ments. You can also browse for files or web pages. Place in This Document Normally, this option creates a hyperlink to a bookmark in the current document. However, this option is not available to commands. When browsing though the list of recent files or browsed pages, a Bookmark but- ton appears, but clicking it doesn't do anything. In the normal Insert Hy- perlink dialog that you access straight from Word, this button does essen- tially the same thing as the Place in this Document selection. Customizing Word Customizing the Word Interface | 91