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Customizing Word Figure 3-24. Moving a command away from a menu Move and Remove Commands Right from Word Move and remove commands without going into Tools Cus- tomize Commands by holding the Alt key down and dragging the commands. The Customize dialog must be used to add new commands. · Add a command to the toolbar by first selecting the category and then choosing the command. Drag it from the Commands list to any location on a toolbar or menu (see Figure 3-25). Commands can even be dragged right onto Word's menu bar. In fact, this is exactly how to go about creating a new menu. At the bottom of the Category list is a category named New Menu, inside which is a single command also named New Menu. Drag that command onto Word's menu bar to create a new menu. You can also create new menus on toolbars. Click the Description button to see a pop-up description of any selected com- mand. · Take some time to browse through the categories and commands on these lists. Most of them are not found on Word's default menus or are buried deep in sub- menus. Make commonly used commands easier to get to by moving them to a better menu location or by creating a toolbar or menu. Customizing the Word Interface | 87