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Creating a New Web Page > Using the Web Page Wizard - Pg. 383

Figure 16-2. Creating a web page from a template different views Word offers; we'll be looking at the Web Layout view in more detail throughout this chapter. · Word adds the HTML Source command to the View menu. This command opens a separate window for viewing and editing the actual source code for the page. We'll also look at this later in the chapter. Using a Template Word also offers a number of web page templates on the Web Pages tab of the New dialog for creating specific types of pages (Figure 16-2). Select any of the templates and choose OK to create a new page. Most of the templates provide a structured layout using tables and contain instruc- tional text and placeholders to help you fill in the page. Figure 16-3 shows a docu- ment created from the Left-aligned Column template, which uses a table with left- aligned columns for structure. Just replace the boilerplate text with your own text, insert a new picture, and you've got a web page. Creating a Web Page Using the Web Page Wizard Word also offers a Web Page Wizard that steps through the process of creating a web site with multiple pages, asking for preferences along the way. Choose File Creating a New Web Page | 383