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Configuring Word with Tools Options > Tools Options Print Tab - Pg. 69

6. Tabs and backspace set left indent . When selected, left margins can be applied using the Tab key and undone using the Backspace key. Turn this function off if you often change the margin without meaning to. Tabs and indents are cov- ered in Chapter 8. 7. Allow accented uppercase in French . This option causes Word's spell-checker to suggest accent marks to uppercase characters when typing in French. If you aren't working in French, leave this one off. 8. When selecting, automatically select entire word . With this option on, dragging the mouse to select text causes Word to automatically select entire words and any trailing spaces. Customizing Word Finer Selection Control While Dragging The Tools Options Edit "Select entire word" option often makes it hard to select exactly the desired text, but there is a way around it without turning the option off. First drag the mouse to select a word. As soon as Word automatically selects an entire word, back the mouse up just a bit to deselect the word and then drag over that word again. This time, individual char- acters are selected instead. 9. Picture editor . The picture editor is the program used by default to edit pictures in a Word document. This list is supposed to display available graphics pro- grams that you can make the default editor. While this sounds great in theory,