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Configuring Word with Tools Options > Tools Options General Tab - Pg. 63

Customizing Word Figure 3-6. Viewing paragraph styles in the style area Tools Options General Tab The General tab (Figure 3-7) sets options that apply to the Word application in general, not just to the active document. The following list describes these options: 1. Background repagination. When this is selected, Word recalculates line and page endings and page numbers as you work. If this behavior slows down the document display too much, turn it off. Be aware, however, that while working on a document with background repagination off, the current state of the docu- ment is not shown accurately. Also, this option is not available if the Tools Options Edit tab is opened while a document is in Print or Web Layout view. Pagination always occurs in Print and Web Layout views, regardless of how this option is set. 2. Blue background, white text . There are actually two different reasons to view documents as white text on a blue background. The first is that former Word- Configuring Word with Tools Options | 63