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Tools Options File Locations Tab > Tools Options File Locations Tab - Pg. 80

1. Documents . This is the folder location opened the first time a new document is saved or whenever the File Open command is used. By default, this is set to My Documents. Unless you have a different location where you commonly store files, I recommend leaving this setting alone, mainly because all of the other Office applications and many non-Office applications use this default location too. Include shortcuts in the My Documents folder to other folders instead. 2. Clipart pictures. In previous versions of Word, clip art pictures were simply stored on file and Word itself was used to browse through those pictures. Now, Word uses a separate clip art program that manages file locations and this path is no longer used. It really doesn't matter what it is set to. 3. User templates and Workgroup templates. These locations hold templates that appear on the General tab along with Word's standard blank templates. These settings are covered in detail in Chapter 4. 4. User options. In previous versions of Word, most of the user options set using Tools Options were stored in a binary file named winword.opt . In Word 2000, all user options are stored in the registry and the user options path is no longer used. You can enter a path here, but it won't do a thing. 5. AutoRecover files . Set the location that Word uses to save temporary AutoRe- cover files that are used to recover a document should Word crash. On computers running Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98,