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even though Word still checks spelling as you type. For an explanation of why this option is useful, see Spelling and Grammar Status. Spelling and Grammar Status Leave background spelling and grammar checking on, but hide the errors in the document to avoid those distracting squiggly lines. A book icon with an X on it appears in the Spelling and Grammar Status box on Word's status bar to indicate that the document contains errors. Right-click this icon to toggle the hide errors option and to open the Spelling & Grammar tab. Double-click the icon to jump to the next misspelled word after the insertion point. Word automatically highlights the error and opens a context menu with correction suggestions. Customizing Word 3. Always suggest corrections. When this option is enabled, Word offers alterna- tive spellings to misspelled words during a manual spell-check using Tools Spelling and Grammar. Unless your system is particularly slow, I can see no reason why you'd want to turn this off. 4. Suggest from main dictionary only . When this is selected, Word only offers spelling corrections from its main dictionary and not from any open custom dictionaries. Word's use of dictionaries is detailed in Chapter 9. 5. Ignore words in UPPERCASE . When this option is selected, words that are in all uppercase are not included in the spell-check. 6. Ignore words with numbers . When this is selected, words with numbers in them are not included in the spell-check. 7. Ignore Internet and file addresses . When this option is selected, Internet ad- dresses (like and file addresses (like c:\windows) are not included in the spell-check. 8. Custom dictionary . During a manual spell-check (or on the context menu for a misspelled word in a document), Word provides the option to add the word to a custom dictionary. This option specifies the default custom dictionary. See Chapter 9 for more on using dictionaries. 9. Check grammar as you type . Even those people who like the squiggly red spell- ing lines tend to find the green grammar lines annoying. Turn them off here. 10. Hide grammatical errors in this document . This option is only available if option #9 is turned on and simply keeps the squiggly lines from showing in a docu- ment, even though Word still checks grammar as you type. 11. Check grammar with spelling . When this option is enabled (the default), Word checks both grammar and spelling during a manual spell-check. Turn this op- tion off to have Word check only spelling. After starting Tools Spelling and Grammar, turn this option back on using the "Check Grammar" option. For more on this, see Chapter 9. Configuring Word with Tools Options | 75