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Chapter 9. Tools > Tools Word Count - Pg. 251

Tools Word Count Figure 9-4. Turning on hyphenation Figure 9-5. Hyphenate your document one word at a time Use the Manual button to hyphenate existing text in a document. Select the text or click at the end of the section you want to hyphenate, and click the Manual button. Each word that is found within the default hyphenation zone is presented in a dialog box (Figure 9-5) and you can choose whether or not to hyphenate each. This is much safer than just letting Word do it all for you. Control Hyphens While Typing Hyphens can be inserted manually in three ways--type a hy- phen to separate words not at the right edge of a page (such as "up-to-date"), press Ctrl-hyphen to insert an Optional hyphen (so that the word breaks where indicated should the word get too close to the margin), or press Ctrl-Shift-hyphen to create a non-breaking hyphen (a hyphen that keeps a word or hyphen- ated phrase from being split at the margin). Tools Word Count The Tools Word Count command (Figure 9-6) displays statistics for the current document. These statistics are also available using File Properties Statistics. To in- clude text in footnotes and endnotes, click the "Include footnotes and endnotes" check- Tools Chapter 9:Tools | 251