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Chapter 9. Tools > Tools Templates and Add-Ins - Pg. 271

Tools Templates and Add-Ins Figure 9-22. Using the Letter Wizard to build a letter Tools Macro A macro is a series of Word commands and instructions grouped together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically. The Macro Recorder records steps you take in Word and converts that recording to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code. Macros can also be built manually using the Visual Basic Editor. Macros, VBA, and the commands on this menu are covered in Chapter 18. Tools Templates and Add-Ins Use the Templates and Add-ins dialog (Figure 9-24) to change the template attached to the current document and to manage any global templates loaded other than nor- You can find a complete discussion of how Word uses templates in Chapter 2. 1. Document template . This box shows the template attached to the current document. Use the Attach button to browse for a new template to attach. Tools Chapter 9:Tools | 271