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Chapter 9. Tools > Tools Options - Pg. 273

Tools Options 3. Global templates and add-ins . This box shows the global templates Word currently has loaded. Clear the checkbox next to a template to temporarily disable that tem- plate. The disabled template remains on the list so that you can enable it again later. Click the Add button to browse for a new global template to load. Click the Remove button to remove the selected template from the list. Note that templates can be set to load automatically when Word starts, so removing a template from the list may not prevent it from loading in the future. Learn more about this in Chapter 2. Check Out a Template Before Attaching It To find out what's included in a template before attaching it to a document, try attaching it to a blank document first and then using the Style Organizer (covered in Chapter 8) to browse the templates features. Tools Customize Tools Customize controls the appearance and functions of menus and toolbars. This command is covered in detail in Chapter 3.