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Chapter 9. Tools > Tools Merge Documents - Pg. 257

Tools Merge Documents c. Apply Heading 1 to the first paragraph d. Select one of the other paragraphs and apply some character or paragraph for- matting manually. e. Click another paragraph and then click back on the one you just modified. In the style drop-down menu on the Formatting toolbar, the text is now defined as the Heading 2 style. The new formatting actually replaces the existing Heading 2 style, as Word assumed you were formatting a subheading under the Heading 1 you created. I don't like this option, as I use styles often and prefer to control them myself rather than let Word do it for me. Don't Turn Autoformat Off; Just Undo It Many users get frustrated with Word's attempts to format their documents for them and simply turn off AutoFormatting (or certain AutoFormat As You Type options). However, AutoFor- matting can be a real timesaver. Instead of turning it off, undo AutoFormatting as soon as it happens using Ctrl -Z. The AutoText Tab Use the AutoText tab to set up AutoText entries. This tab is covered in Chapter 7.