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Chapter 9. Tools > Tools Mail Merge - Pg. 259

Tools Mail Merge Figure 9-10. Using the Mail Merge Helper Tools Online Collaboration Just as Track Changes makes it possible for two or more people to work on a document and mark their contributions to the process, Word 2000's Online Collaboration tools enable two or more people to talk online in real time about a project and to access an Office discussion server. The Online Collaboration submenu contains the Meet Now, Schedule Meeting, and Web Discussion subcommands. These commands are discussed in Chapter 13. Tools Mail Merge Use the Mail Merge command to automatically combine a document's text with names, addresses, and just about any other information to create form letters, mailing labels, and other mass-produced documents. Mail Merge works by reading information from a data source and placing that data into fields in the Word document. The Tools Mail Merge command opens the Mail Merge Helper dialog (Figure 9-10), which outlines three of the four steps involved in using Mail Merge. The four steps for using Mail Merge are listed here and described in the following sec- tions: 1. Create a main document. Tools Chapter 9:Tools | 259