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Chapter 9. Tools > Tools Language Hyphenation - Pg. 250

Tools Language Hyphenation To find the meaning for a word that's not already in the document, open the Thesaurus and type the word in the Replace with Synonym text box. Click the Look Up button to see a list of synonyms for the word. Access Thesaurus Suggestions on a Context Menu Right-click any word in a document and choose Synonyms from the context menu to view a list of synonyms for the selected word. However, if Track Changes is turned on and the word is in an edited portion of the document, the context menu that appears will not contain the Synonyms command. Tools Language Hyphenation By default, if the word being typed at the right margin of a document doesn't fit entirely on the line, the whole word is wrapped to the next line. This is normally acceptable, especially in single-column documents with left or full justification. Word can hyphenate words that don't fit entirely at the end of a line when typing in newspaper columns, using narrow margins or creating a document whose layout calls for strict double justification. This is helpful when text takes up a narrow horizontal