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Chapter 9. Tools > Tools Envelopes and Labels - Pg. 266

Tools Envelopes and Labels Choose Electronic Mail to send the merge to a new email message. When this option is selected, the Setup button becomes available for setting options. 2. Setup . Only available when merging to electronic mail, this button is used to select the field in the data source that contains the email address or fax number to be used when creating the messages. You can also enter a subject line for the messages and specify whether to send the message as an attachment instead of embedded in the message text. 3. Records to be merged. Merge all records or only a certain range of records identified by record number. 4. When merging records. Missing data in fields often occurs when using a preexisting data source. Use this section to specify whether Word should add a simple blank line in the merged document to indicate missing data or whether to simply ignore it. 5. Check Errors. This button opens a dialog with several error checking options, which were discussed previously in the section "Using the Mail Merge toolbar." 6. Query Options. This button opens a dialog with tabs for sorting and filtering the merge records before merging. When you want to merge only certain records from the data source, filter the records by adding conditions based on the fields in the records. For example, you could filter the records so that only those with a particular company name are merged. Set up to five conditions at once and use standard And or OR operators to control them. You might sort records before they are merged so that, for example, all form letters