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Chapter 9. Tools > Tools AutoCorrect - Pg. 253

Tools AutoCorrect Insert an executive summary or abstract at the top of the document Creating an introduction of sorts, this option takes the content that is most important and turns it into a summary at the beginning of a document. Create a new document and put summary there This option's description is self-explanatory. The executive summary/abstract is placed in a separate document (created through the AutoSummarize process). Hide everything but the summary, without leaving the original document This command temporarily hides the parts of a document that are not in the summary. It also displays a toolbar for toggling non-summary parts display on and off and for high- lighting the summary parts. Click the close button on the toolbar to return the document to its original state. Set the length of the summary by entering a "Percent of original number." The default is 25%, meaning that the summary is ignoring roughly 75% of your text. Use the "Update document statistics" option (on by default) to put the AutoSummarize information in the document's Properties. Keywords are listed and the Document Con- tents box is filled in with the summary content. Choose File Properties to see this information. Overall, I find Word's AutoSummarize pretty weak and would never trust it to summarize an important document. Though more time consuming, creating a summary by hand is much more effective.