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Chapter 8. Format > Format Paragraph - Pg. 207

Format Paragraph Figure 8-2. Modifying character spacing and position along the baseline Generally, the smaller the text, the more important kerning can be, as the text legibility is already compromised by small size. Text Effects Tab The Text Effects tab is used to apply animation to text meant for onscreen viewing. Animation effects don't show when printed, but they add movement to headlines, titles, and section head- ings. Animated text does not translate if you save your document as HTML. A dialog box appears informing you that your animated text will be converted to italics, and that most browsers won't deal with the animation at all. If you open your file in Internet Explorer or Netscape, the previously animated text appears simply italicized, and retains whatever size or color was applied to it. Format Paragraph Format Paragraph is the least efficient way to do some things, and the most efficient (or only) way to do others. Setting indents, for example, is much easier to do from the ruler or with keyboard shortcuts. Setting an automatic space between paragraphs, on the other hand, can only be done through the Paragraph dialog box. For a complete discus- sion of character and paragraph formatting and styles, check out Chapter 2. Format Chapter 8:Format | 207