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Chapter 8. Format > Format Frames - Pg. 227

Format Frames Figure 8-20. Breaking web pages into separate sections with frames filled background, but would like the rest of the theme elements, such as font choices and graphic images. As an alternate to using a theme, click the Style Gallery button to see a list of available templates (such as brochures, memos, and letters) that can also be used to format a document. You can always tweak the fonts and colors in your document after you've applied a theme. You aren't stuck with any of the theme-induced elements, and you can use your normal format- ting tools to change anything you want, including the use of styles, through the Style button on the Formatting toolbar or the Format Style dialog box. Format Frames Frames are mostly used in web pages and are separate documents viewed within the same browser window. Each document is a distinct web page. Frames can target one another so that clicking a link in one frame cause a page to display in another frame. For example, links on a navigation frame could open the various parts of a web site in another frame (Figure 8-20). Creating a frame automatically switches the document to Web Layout view and opens the Web and Frames toolbars. The Web toolbar provides browser-like controls for nav- Format Chapter 8:Format | 227