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Chapter 7. Insert > Insert Picture ClipArt - Pg. 187

Insert Picture ClipArt Figure 7-25. Choosing styles included in the table of contents If any items are captioned as tables or equations in a document, list them along with their page locations by using the Table of Figures tab and switching to either Table or Equation in the Caption Label list. Unless a graphic image or other object has a true caption associated with it, it will not appear in the Table of Figures. Table of Authorities The Table of Authorities tab contains tools for selecting an authorities category, such as Cases, Statutes, or Rules, and for marking document text and page numbers for listing in the table. Select citations within text and mark them, adding short or long citations to each marked entry. If you click the Mark Citation button, you can click outside of the dialog box to continue selecting text and marking the selections as citations. As a document changes over time, pages are added or deleted, and content is moved around in the document. To keep tables and indices up to date, select the table or index (drag through it with your mouse) and press the F9 key. Page number references are automatically updated, as are changes in heading text or changes in the content of indexed text. Insert Picture ClipArt Insert Picture ClipArt opens the Insert ClipArt dialog (Figure 7-26). The clip art images that were installed with Office appear on the Pictures tab. The Pictures tab dis- plays up to 51 categories of clip art images, each containing a group of images that can be inserted into a document. To select a category and view its images, click once on the category icon. Once the category's images are displayed, scroll through the pictures and select to add to the document. To insert a clip art image, right-click and choose Insert from the context menu (or double- click the image). After the image is inserted, the Insert Picture window remains open, allowing you to insert additional images. Once clip art images have been inserted, resize them by dragging their handles or move them by clicking and dragging to a new location on the page. To control the way text Insert Chapter 7:Insert | 187