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Chapter 7. Insert > Insert Object - Pg. 196

Insert Object Figure 7-37. Using the Text Box toolbar text boxes in newsletters to continue stories on different pages throughout a document (as in "story continued on page C3"). To edit the content of a text box, click inside it to position the pointer and edit it the same way as text in the main document. Format the text in the box to be different from the surrounding text and really make the text box stand out. The text box operates like a small document--all the typing, editing, and formatting rules that apply to the main document apply in a text box. To change text box settings, right-click the text box and choose Format Text Box from the context menu. Formatting objects is detailed in Chapter 8. Text boxes also support colored backgrounds and outlines. Use the Drawing toolbar's Fill Color and Line Color tools. Turn the text box into a cube by applying a 3D effect to it (use the Drawing toolbar's 3D tool) or use the Shadow button to give the text box the appearance of floating above the page.