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Chapter 7. Insert > Insert Index and Tables - Pg. 182

Insert Index and Tables To insert a cross-reference, position the insertion point at the place in the document where the reference should appear. Any selected text can also serve as the reference. Choose Insert Cross-reference, which opens the Cross-reference dialog box. Choose the Reference type (a numbered paragraph, a heading, a footnote) and then select what type of content that reference will point to. Don't confuse inserting a hyperlinked cross-reference with a hyperlink. A hyperlink points to another document, a file, a web address, or to a bookmark or text in Heading style within the same document. Hyperlinks are discussed later in this chapter. A hyperlink cross-reference is an actual cross-reference that acts like a hyperlink. After selecting the type of content to which a reference will point, select the actual ref- erence from the "For which..." box. The complete name of this box corresponds to the selection in the Reference type box, for example, "For which numbered item" or "For which heading." After establishing the nature and destination of the reference, click the Insert button. You can also click outside of the Cross-reference dialog box to create additional references. After completing all of the needed cross-references, click the Close button to close the Cross-reference dialog box. As soon as a cross-reference is inserted into a document, the Web toolbar appears