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Chapter 7. Insert > Insert AutoText - Pg. 170

Insert AutoText If the date or time is already inserted as a field, change it to non-updating text by selecting the field in the document and choosing Insert Date and Time. Remove the "Update automatically" checkmark and click OK to close the dialog box. The date/time is con- verted to simple text and will not update the next time the document is opened. Use the Date and Time dialog box to set the default date and/or time setting to use in future documents. For example, if you prefer the date to appear in mm/dd/yy format, select that format from the list of Available formats and click the Default button. You may have to close and reopen Word for this setting to take effect. International Date and Time If the current document will be sent to or used by someone who speaks another language or lives in another country, use the Control Panel's Regional Settings to select another language and when prompted, restart the computer. When selecting the De- fault button on the Date and Time dialog, you'll now find the new language format set as the default language. Insert AutoText