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Insert Hyperlink Figure 7-40. Using hyperlinks another place in the same document, a different document (or a place in it), a file in another application, or a web site. To insert a hyperlink, choose Insert Hyperlink or click the Insert Hyperlink button on the Standard toolbar to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box (Figure 7-40). To use ex- isting content as a hyperlink, select it before choosing Insert Hyperlink. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box offers four types of hyperlinks: Existing File or Web Page Click this button (shown in Figure 7-40) to insert a link to a web site or a file on the computer's local drive or the network to which the computer is attached. Type the URL or filename and pathname directly or Browse to find it. You can also specify a ScreenTip to display when the hyperlink is pointed to (but not clicked on). In addition, the Bookmark button creates a link to a bookmark in the current document, something you can also do using the "Place in this document" selection. Insert Place in This Document Have the hyperlink point to a heading or bookmark in the current document (Figure 7-41). The heading must be one that uses a default heading style or a custom one that begins with "Heading". Chapter 7:Insert | 199