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Insert Symbol Figure 7-10. Inserting a data placeholder Symbols are inserted and formatted just like any other character. To speed future inser- tions of symbols, assign keyboard shortcuts. Click the symbol on the Symbol dialog and click the Shortcut key button to open the Customize Keyboard dialog box (Figure 7-12). Use this dialog to assign a key combination. Symbols can also be assigned to AutoCorrect entries. Some already installed AutoCorrect entries include :-) , which turns into a graphical smiley face when typed. Create a custom AutoCorrect entry by selecting the symbol and then click the AutoCorrect button. The full use of the AutoCorrect dialog box is discussed in Chapter 9. The Symbol dialog can also be used to insert Special Characters (Figure 7-13), such as section marks and em or en dashes. Preset keyboard shortcuts exist for most of these symbols. Create a Graphic from a Symbol To create a freely moving graphic image from a symbol, draw a text box and insert the symbol into it. Enlarge the symbol as you would any text, and even apply a color to it. When the symbol is correctly formatted, adjust the text box settings for placement and text wrapping. Right-click the text box and choose Format Text Box from the context menu. If the text box has no border or fill color, this method will go undetected in any print or online version of the document. Insert Chapter 7:Insert | 175