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Chapter 6. View > View Web Layout - Pg. 149

View Web Layout Speed Up Normal View Speed up working in Normal view by choosing Tools Options View Draft Font. This causes all text in the document to appear as 12 pt. Courier. Any character formatting is displayed as underlined text. To speed up Normal view even more, select the Picture Placeholders option, which shows all graphics in the document as a simple outline the same size as the picture. This saves Word from having to redraw the screen as the document is scrolled. Draft View Word includes another view that is not shown on the View menu by default. Add Draft View to the View menu by going to Tools Customize Com- mands View and dragging the View Draft command to the View menu (for more on customizing menus, see Chapter 3 ). The View Draft command displays most character formatting as underlined and bold and displays placeholders instead of graphics, speeding up the view- ing of a document. The View Draft command only works in Normal view. If a document is shown in another view, turning on View Draft switches the