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View Zoom Add Zoom Tools to Context Menus If you use the Zoom feature regularly, consider adding Zoom commands to the Text context menu using the techniques de- scribed in Chapter 3. I added commands for opening the Zoom dialog and for zooming to 100%, page width, and whole page to my Text context menu. In Print Layout view, all of these options are available and a few more: · "Text width" reduces or enlarges the display of a document to fit the width of the text on the page. · "Whole page" reduces or enlarges a document's display so that one whole page fits inside the window. · "Many pages" shows multiple pages of the document in the window at once. Click- ing this option sets the view to the maximum value (24 pages in a single window) and the Zoom percentage changes to 10%. Click the button below the "Many pages" option to set the exact number of pages you want to see. After switching to "Many pages" view, change the Zoom percentage (via the dialog or the Standard toolbar) to anything up to around 40% and remain in "Many pages" zoom. The Zoom tool on the Standard toolbar is also used to select a magnification setting for a document. When using the Zoom tool on the Standard toolbar, the drop list of Zoom options var- ies depending on the document view. Print Layout view offers the greatest number of Zoom options, including "Whole page" and "Two pages", neither of which is available in the other views. For more specific Zoom settings regardless of which view you're in, use View Zoom. View Chapter 6:View | 163