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View Outline 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Figure 6-5. Using the Outlining toolbar 1. Promote . This option promotes the heading that contains the insertion point to the next higher heading level. For example, a paragraph styled with Heading 4 would become Heading 3. If a block of text is selected, such as a number of headings, the whole block is promoted. 2. Demote . This option demotes a heading or block of headings to the next lower level. Heading 4 would become Heading 5. 3. Demote to body text. This option demotes a heading to body text, applying the Normal style to it. The body text shows up under whatever heading was previous to the demoted heading. 4. Move up and down. These buttons move an entire heading or block of text up or down in the outline, without changing the heading's level. 5. Expand . This option expands the selected heading to show all of the items (headings and text) under it in the outline hierarchy. A minus sign to the left of the heading indicates that it can be expanded.