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View Print Layout Figure 6-3. Editing a page in Print Layout view becomes a two-headed arrow and a ScreenTip appears, indicating which margin is being adjusted. The ruler calibrations move as they're being dragged, helping achieve a partic- ular measurement or adjustment. When adjusting margins from the ruler, it's helpful to set the Zoom to Whole Page, which is only available from Print Layout view. View Shortcut to Page Setup To open the Page Setup dialog box quickly, double-click any grey portion of the ruler or the grey space around the ruler. You can also double-click the upper portion of the white space, but double-clicking in most of the white area will insert a tab and open the Tab dialog box. Print Layout view is also a useful alternative to Print Preview, as it can show a document in Full Page, Page Width, Two Pages, or any percentage of its actual size. Select View Zoom to access these options, which are discussed in detail later in this chapter. Chapter 6:View | 151