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Chapter 5. Edit > Edit Undo - Pg. 132

Edit Undo Many new users aren't aware of the new Clipboard and simply close the toolbar whenever it appears. After a few times, Word assumes that you do not want the Clipboard toolbar to appear and does not open it in the future. Force it to appear again later by right-clicking on any toolbar and choosing Clipboard from the context menu. Working with the extended Clipboard is fairly simple within Office 2000 applica- tions. Each of the major applications (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) uses the same Clipboard and toolbar as Word. Place several items in the clipboard from a Word document and they are available when working on an Excel spreadsheet. However, neither Outlook 2000 nor FrontPage 2000 allows access to the Clipboard toolbar. Only the last selection copied to the Clipboard in any of the supporting Office applications is available when you use the standard paste command in Out- look or FrontPage. Outside the realm of Office 2000, things work differently altogether: · Copy or cut an item to the Clipboard and then switch to a different application (say, Notepad), and the item is pasted in the usual manner. · Paste the most recently added item in the clipboard into a Word document and