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Chapter 5. Edit > Edit Select All - Pg. 138

Edit Paste as Hyperlink Insert a linked object into a Word document using Insert Object, which is covered in Chapter 7. The difference between using Insert Object and Edit Paste Special to insert a link is that Paste Special can link to only part of the data in the target file (i.e., a single paragraph in a Word document). Insert Object is used to link to the entire target document. Insert Object, on the other hand, allows you to create and link a new object without having to start the associated external application. Linking information from other documents is a handy way to make sure documents stay up to date. There are potential problems, however, especially when sharing files with other users. If the original file is moved, for example, the link may be broken. Once any links are inserted into a document, the Links com- mand also becomes available on the Edit menu. This command, which is discussed later in this chapter, is used to change how and when links in a document are updated. Edit Paste as Hyperlink Create a hyperlink in Word to any file, to a web resource, or even to part of another Office document. The hyperlink appears in the Word document the same as it would on a web page--blue and underlined. Clicking it opens the target item.