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Chapter 5. Edit > Edit Replace - Pg. 141

Edit Replace 9. Format . This button leads to a series of other dialog boxes used to search for specific types of formatting in a document. You can even search for formatting without searching for any particular text. For example, Word could find all boldfaced text that was font size 12. Formatting options appear on the dialog under the "Find what" list. There are seven choices on the Format menu: Font, Paragraph, Tabs, Language, Frame, Style, and Highlight. All but Language and Highlight open dialogs that are nearly identical to the format dialogs shown when using Format Paragraph. Find more information on these in Chapter 8. Language finds occurrences of a selected language. Highlight finds text that has been highlighted with Word's highlight but- ton. 10. Special . Use this button to insert special characters such as the paragraph mark, tab mark, or footnote mark into the "Find what" box. Table 5-1 provides a list of the more useful wildcard characters available on this menu when the "Use wildcards" option is selected. 11. No Formatting. This removes any formatting criteria already added to a search. Table 5-1. Special Characters and Wildcards Used in Word's Find Command Name Any character Character in range Symbol ? [] Example "a?t" finds "act" and "art". "[fp]act" finds "fact" and "pact".