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Chapter 5. Edit > Edit Object - Pg. 145

Edit Object it. In the Links dialog box, an unavailable link is noted with a "N/A" in the Update column. If a link is unintentionally broken, reestablish the link using Change Source, which brings up a standard Open-style dialog for choosing a new file to serve as the source for the linked object. Sever the connection to the source object yourself using Break Link. Once a link is broken, the object becomes fixed in the Word document as a picture and is no longer associated with the source object at all. The link is removed from the Document altogether and no longer appears in the Links dialog box. To temporarily disable a link without breaking it, lock the link using the Locked option at the bottom of the Links dialog. Updates will not occur while a link is locked. Normally, a linked object in a Word document is represented as a picture of the source object. Double-clicking the picture opens the source object. When a link is first inserted (using either Edit Paste Special or Insert Hyperlink), you can elect to have the link displayed as an icon. Double-clicking the icon then opens the source file and this saves the reader of a document from having to flip through all the graphics. However, the picture itself is still stored in a document even when it is viewed as an icon. Pictures are pretty big and can lead to significant increases in a document's size. Turning off the "Save picture in document" option on the Links dialog box causes Word not to save these graphics within the document. The picture is replaced by the link's name in the docu- ment.