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Chapter 5. Edit > Edit Copy - Pg. 134

Edit Copy Right-Drag Selections for More Options Cutting and then pasting is the default action that occurs when you drag a selection to another location in the same document or a separate document. Drag with the right mouse button to open a pop-up menu with options for copying or moving. The Cut command (Ctrl-X) removes a selection from a document and places it in the Word Clipboard. This selection can be text, a graphic, a table, or anything else selectable in Word. For example, cut a highlighted sentence and that sentence is deleted from the document and placed in the Clipboard. Using the Spike Another way to cut items from a Word document is by using Ctrl-F3. Selected items are removed from the document and placed into an area of memory named the Spike . There are a few differences between the Spike and the Clipboard. The first is that only text can be placed in the Spike (the Clipboard allows images, tables, etc.). The second difference is that the Spike can hold an unlimited number of items, whereas the Clipboard can hold only twelve. The final difference is that you can only paste the entire contents of the Spike,