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Edit Paste Special Picture This option pastes the selection as a picture. Modify the picture after pasting using Word's Picture toolbar. For more on this, see Chapter 6. Word Hyperlink This option is available only when pasting a link, which is described following this list. The pasted selection retains its original formatting, much as when using the Formatted Text option. However, the selection is also converted to a Word Hyperlink, which is col- ored as blue text and underlined. Clicking the selection links to the target. For more on using Word Hyperlinks, see Chapter 7. HTML Format This option pastes the selection using HTML format, which retains the original formatting of the text. Use this format when pasting selections from an HTML document (such as a web page) to retain the formatting and any hyperlinks defined in the original selection. Unformatted Unicode Text Unicode is a formatting standard that allows for the representation of over 65,000 unique characters--far more than most other file formats. Unicode is generally used in foreign- language documents. In addition to choosing the formatting for the selection, you can also choose whether to paste that selection as a link. A link is a selection from another document that is presented in a Word document. For example, you might be working on a report in which you want to include a passage from one of your coworker's documents. You could simply copy